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Microsite - Employability Award Embark

Embark 2

In a nutshell

Develop a microsite promoting the Embark employability awards to school aged children, their parents, influencers and businesses.

The challenge

UWE Bristol were developing an award scheme for school aged students to boost their employability after they complete education. They wanted to develop a nationally recognised award from a local trial. The award is run via an online system and they needed to develop an engaging website to sell the Embark award to a range of stakeholders; school age participants, their teachers and parents and to employers.

The solution

We developed a responsive website which engaged the various audiences with the Embark Award. The site includes information for students, schools and colleges, plus employer partners. It has an events section where participants can register and a news centre. 

The outcome

The website went live in August 2015.
Explore the site 

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In categories: Brand Development, Creativity & Collateral Development, Customer Engagement, Website Development

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