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Mission Launch via Animated Film National Milk Records

In a nutshell

A new mission statement to articulate the purpose of the company. Originally set-up in 1943 as the Milk Marketing Board, National Milk Records has come a long way since its beginnings and as such the company’s mission needed to change to reflect that.

The challenge

Developing a mission statement that resonates, and gives the right mix of realistic and aspiration. As well as getting the mission statement right, we needed to be able to launch the new sense of purpose to the 300+ employees over five locations, as well as reaching field-based staff, all at the same time. Creating an engaging message to share the mission needed to be

The solution

Once the mission statement had been agreed, we set out to bring the mission to life and how it had been refined in a storyboard. We planned a launch plan that incorporated a range of communications, with all employees’ access to the information at the same time, being pivotal. All collateral drove employees to a short, animated film where they could understand what their new mission is, and the development to get it to that point.

The outcome

A short, succinct animation which brings to life the development and definition of NMR’s new mission statement. The film was delivered to all staff at the same time, reinforced by site presentations, printed collateral and the monthly newsletter.

NMR Mission, Image 1 NMR Mission, Image 2 NMR Mission, Image 3

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