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Aldermore 2

In a nutshell

Aldermore had run their previous recognition scheme for some time, but due to a change in the defining organisational behaviours, wanted to use the opportunity to redefine the scheme.

The challenge

While developing a new scheme there was an opportunity to review and identify any challenges. These included: making sure that the recognition of the behaviours was front and centre; ensuring that awareness of the scheme was raised within the business to reinvigorate it, also to ensure that there are new nominations and winners.

The solution

We started by defining a new brand for the awards which encapsulated the essence of the behaviours, was memorable and distinctive. At the same time, we reviewed the process of recognition itself, to make it more engaging and ensure it delivered on the objectives of the scheme. Once the identity and process were agreed, we started to create a plan for how this scheme would be brought to life in launch and the process throughout the year.

The outcome

For launch, we produced a range of collateral including on and offline materials. Digital inventory was created to promote the new scheme across their internal platforms such as the intranet and digital screens. Deskdrops were given to all employees to introduce the new scheme and the process for nominating, remind them about the new behaviours and give them some engaging day-to-day reminders. We also gave them tools to ‘recognise’ their peers immediately, as well as nominate them for the more formal awards. The scheme itself uses a range of tools to congratulate, thank and recognise the good work of those individuals nominated for an award. The introduction of immediate explanations of the behaviours employees have portrayed on the intranet, allowed us to reinforce the programme. We also initiated the use of branded collateral i.e. balloons to ensure that a nomination is known to colleagues and acknowledged; also, raising the profile of the scheme.

The new scheme has been well received within the business, the new process is working well and the level of nominations has increased.

In categories: Creativity & Collateral Development, Employee Engagement, Internal Comms

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