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Online internal comms platform Joules

joules today internal comms platform 2

In a nutshell

During a period of significant change, Joules wanted to create a cohesive approach to internal comms so DNA built an online communication portal that all employees could access and engage with. Something that was 'one version of the truth', relevant, informative, and distinctly 'Joules'.

The challenge

Joules have a workforce that is disparate. Spread across 100+ stores, several countries, head office and distribution centres, ensuring meaningful two-way communication with employees, at a time of great change, was proving to be a challenge.

The solution

We created an online portal, Joules Today, which was only accessible by employees based on their physical location on the Joules network or via single sign on. The site included:

  • Company news
  • Specific information on the roll out of change projects
  • Welcoming new starters
  • Saying goodbye to leavers and wishing them well
  • Asking employees to post stories of what was happening in their location
  • Asking employees to nominate colleagues for recognition
  • Allowing colleagues to ask the CEO questions and see the answers published on the site
  • Information on values (animated film), employee benefits and charitable events/initiatives
  • All internal vacancies with links to apply via their ATS
joules today internal comms platform

The outcome

The site quickly grew in popularity and saw steady increases in user traffic as more people learned of it and became engaged with it. Joules found staff felt more informed about what was going on and that they could share their own experiences with the wider business. The channel offered genuine two-way communication resulting in a more joined up business.

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