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Proposition & Collateral Development UWE

In a nutshell

We developed the customer proposition for all of the products UWE offer to businesses and then developed supporting brochures for each.

The challenge

The industry products lacked propositions and a clear identity. UWE wanted to create something consistent and compelling to take these products to market. 

The solution

Working with lots of stakeholders across the university, we developed propositions for 15 services that UWE offer to industry. We wrote a proposition book which contained the overall proposition and service specific propositions. Once signed off, work began on writing the copy for the business area of the UWE website. Simultaneously we designed a suite of seven brochures - one for each service area. 

The outcome

Defined propositions for 15 services, over 30 pages of web copy and 7 supporting brochures in a variety of formats. 

To talk to us about helping you develop your customer proposition, give us a call on 0117 300 3000 or email

In categories: Advertising, Brand Development, Creativity & Collateral Development, Customer Engagement, Customer Insight & Research, Strategic planning

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