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Referral Scheme Ovo Energy

In a nutshell

Ovo are a young company that have undergone huge growth in a short period of time. They have a very inspirational and driven leader and work at a fast pace. During their first few years, they were based in a fairly remote site in Gloucestershire and due to the location, were spending a large amount of money recruiting through agencies.

The challenge

DNA were tasked with coming up with a referral scheme to try and help with the overall cost of recruitment by focusing on friends, family and other networks as a possible source of future employees.

The solution

The organisation has a fun, relaxed approach to hard work and we wanted to reflect the full element of this in the communication. The word Ovo is derived from the Latin meaning ‘from the egg’. With this in mind, we sourced some egg-related wind up toys (Eggbods). There were several different sorts and they were sent to each employee with a tag tied to them which read: ‘This is a wind up’. Nothing more. The following day, on their desks was a leaflet explaining that if they referred a friend, they could earn £500 with the accompanying headline saying ‘This isn’t a wind up’.

The outcome

A number of referrals were generated from the programme. There was a huge buzz in the company which resulted in races between different ‘eggs’ and many of the employees still have theirs on their desks.

Ovo Ovo Ovo

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