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Referral Scheme Medvivo

In a nutshell

Medvivo are an integrated health and care services provider across Wiltshire. They asked us to revamp their referral scheme to make it more impactful and encourage their employees to use it. 

The challenge

Medvivo’s former refer-a-friend scheme wasn’t having the impact they had hoped for. Very few employees were using it and the incentives offered didn’t feel very ‘rewarding’. Many employees didn’t know the scheme existed and the few that did found the payment terms tricky to understand and the incentive too low.

What’s more, due to the nature of the business, Medvivo’s staff are spread across multiple locations, both office and field based and working round the clock shifts. We needed to find a way to communicate the revamped scheme to everyone in a way that would encourage them to take part.

The solution

It was clear that we needed to tweak the scheme to make it more appealing to Medvivo’s employees. We introduced more attractive incentives and designed an attractive comms campaign to launch the scheme which we tied into the employer brand we had recently developed for them. In addition to leaflets and posters, we designed lovely branded water bottles to tie in with the idea of a ‘refreshing’ new identity and Medvivo’s health conscious ethos. The bottles were distributed to every single member of the staff, both office and field based, to ensure the scheme was kept at the forethought of their minds.

The outcome

The scheme launched in February and has been really well received by the staff. It’s still early days so time will tell the impact it has on recruitment but overall the feedback has been positive. The staff have enjoyed using their water bottles and bringing them to work, reminding them of the scheme’s key message. 

To talk to us about launching or refreshing your referral scheme, give us a call on 0117 300 3000 or email

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