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Social Programmatic Advertising Aldermore

In a nutshell

Aldermore wanted to grow its Business Analyst team and replace a number of existing contractors in their CIO department with permanent employees; with the objective of reducing overheads and increasing stability and engagement. The aim was to hire a mixture of ten Senior Business Analysts and Business Analysts.

The challenge

Notoriously difficult to recruit for, IT and Business Analyst roles can be a challenge to recruit for in themselves, let alone on a mass scale. While there are always active jobseekers to target, we wanted to get the Aldermore brand in front of a passive audience as well; an audience that might not know or have thought of Aldermore as a potential employment option.

In addition, Aldermore were waiting for their new brand to be rolled out across the careers pages of their website. So, while a new brand had been launched, the careers pages didn’t reflect this which would have been disengaging from a candidate point of view.

The solution

We launched a fully branded, landing page for the campaign which not only was in the correct brand but gave candidates all the information they might need about Aldermore and the roles, in one place. The landing page was fully responsive and integrated directly with the ATS (applicant tracking system) which candidate would apply through.

To drive candidates to the landing page, we used social programmatic advertising. Where we targeted a mixture of active and passive candidates based on location and job title. Using LinkedIn, Google PPC and Facebook, we targeted candidates across platforms; at first with broad employer brand messages and then building data to re-target candidates who engaged with the various posts.

The outcome

The social programmatic campaign appeared on screens 166,917 times, reached 40,826 people and drove 1,319 website visits.  72% of the people reached were on mobile and tablet devices. Overall the click through rate for the campaign was 0.79%. In total, Aldermore received 35 applications for the Senior Business Analyst role, and 63 applications for the Business Analyst role.

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