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Student Recruitment Microsite UWE

In a nutshell

We designed and developed a responsive website for UWE's undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment campaign.

The challenge

UWE came to us with a brief and a deadline: 8 weeks. We worked with their marketing team to design and develop a responsive website that matched the campaign creative. The site was intended to tell users more about the course area offerings - and specifically engage them with what UWE has to offer its students - and then drive them to the application process and more detailed course information on their own website.

The solution

UWE wanted to inform and engage users before sending them to the university course pages on their site to apply, so we developed a parallax site with relevant and engaging content by audience and subject. "Sticky" call to action buttons meant the required user journey was always front and centre. The site mirrored the creative of the wider attraction campaign and was responsive so mobile and tablet users had an optimised experience. We also implemented events tracking in Google Analytics so that we could measure engagement with key content within the parallax pages.

The UWE web team wanted overall control on any changes moving forwards but wanted to empower marketing users to make their own changes so the CMS was configured to allow for an approvals workflow.

The outcome

The site was originally intended to be live for one year but has just been extended for the 2014/15 student recruitment campaign. To date, the site has been visited over half a million times. 

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