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Leadership Communication Aldermore

In a nutshell

Aldermore Bank are a young and very successful bank who have grown at a fast pace. They have no toxic debt and are shaking up the way that banking is done in an industry that has notoriously previously not performed well. The HR Director wanted to bring the leadership team together and foster a more communicative approach. They got together for an important meeting where they discussed the main points that needed to be focused on in order for the business to become more transparent internally.

The challenge

To begin a consistent and transparent internal communication that would be memorable and resonate with the team so that they understood the importance of cascading information to all employees. This would be the first of many forms of employee communications.

The solution

There were five areas that they wanted to focus on ranging from development through to CSR. These were the things that they were encouraged to 'take away' from the meeting and concentrate on. We produced a pack that was sent to their home address. It came in the form of an Indian takeaway. There was a menu which listed what was inside and individual foil containers with handwritten lids listing the contents. Inside each foil container was something relevant to that specific area. These were then packed into a brown takeaway paper bag and delivered to their home address.

The outcome

All the leadership team received them and realised the importance of strong internal communication - plus the key things they had to having bought into them at the meeting. This set the benchmark moving forward for future internal communications and employee engagement and DNA have gone on to produce many more items.

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