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Values Launch NMR


In a nutshell

Launching new Company values to leaders and managers to ensure proper understanding, true ownership and a change of focus.

The challenge

NMR are an organisation in transformational change. To that end, we’d already helped NMR to define their new values – values that are the guiding principles that shape how they work individually and collectively to deliver the mission and vision. The next challenge was to launch the values to the senior team of c.40 at their Strategy Conference in such a way that ensured they were not just understood and inclusive, but fully embraced and implemented back in the workplace.

The solution

We started with the why and the what and then expanded on this in an animated film. However we felt that we needed to do more. We wanted something experiential to get the message over that the managers had to be role models for change and to do so through the new values. We therefore devised 'The Milk Race Challenge'. A competitive event where the managers embraced the journey of change and used the values as the ‘how’ to succeed. Broken into small teams, managers had to plot a course around the UK taking in as many NMR locations as possible – setting a plan, considering alternatives, discussing strategy between them and making it happen. They had to earn money to travel between locations and did so by completing a range of team tasks based on their new values. However, as with any change journey, it wasn’t straightforward, there were hazards along the way to cause them to rethink and re-evaluate, along with new opportunities to be maximised.

The outcome

It was loud, lively and truly engaging. Not only did we raise the roof but we launched the values in a truly memorable way. And it stuck. NMR’s journey of transformation is in safe hands.



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