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Vision Communication TC

In a nutshell

TC, a office furniture company, wanted to communicate their vision for where the business needed to get to and the actions that would help them achieve it. 

The challenge

This piece of internal comms had to accompany a company-wide meeting and make the message fresh and memorable.

The solution

TC wanted to hit a sales target by the year 2020. They had three drivers to get them to this point, namely 'Develop' the best people in the business, 'Deliver' the best service and 'Deliver' x sales to become the biggest supplier in the industry. Our solution was to call the three drivers the '3D's which we then linked to the 2020 vision. The concept almost wrote itself and we produced a brochure which was on their chairs at the company meeting: The 3D guide to the 2020 vision. With the brochure, they were given a pair of 3D glasses. We shot some of their products in 3D so that when they viewed the brochure through the glasses, the experience was a memorable one.

The outcome

It was certainly a new and engaging approach to employee communication at TC and was well received by the management and staff.


In categories: Creativity, Employee Engagement, Internal Comms, Strategic planning

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