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Attraction Campaigns
& Toolkits

Whether you have a one-off, hard-to-fill, or niche role, ongoing opportunities to promote, or talent pipelines to populate, we can help you generate direct applications from the best candidates in the market – whether they are actively or passively looking. 

How does it work? Well, we’ll start with where you are, who you want to attract, and what you want to say. From there, we’ll work out where you’ll be best seen and heard. Everything we do is strategic, informed by experience and research, so you can be sure that we know how to select the right channels and plan media to find and engage the right people. Depending on your aims and budget, our strategy might include job listings or a complete multi-channel campaign. Whether that’s social media, on or off-line media, PPC, or out of home, you’ll be positioned correctly.

Creativity plays an important role in defining your story. To make you stand out above the competition and really engage with your target audience your story needs to be heard – and we can help with that too. 

By developing attraction ‘toolkits’, we can give recruiters around your organisation the resources they need to promote vacancies quickly and on-brand. The toolkit contents vary depending on what you need, but they may include printed display materials (posters, banners, traffic-driving or poaching cards, etc), social media image assets, referral programmes, and copy playbooks for frequently advertised roles. Each toolkit is unique to our client. 

Our thinking behind using attraction campaigns and ‘toolkits’ is simple; we are directly sourcing the talent you need. When done creatively, which we pride ourselves on, it strengthens your brand and brings your vision to life from the inside out. This creative twist on how we do things makes sure two things happen: that you have the right people on board for longer and that you maximise your return on investment across the board. 

Hopefully, by now you’ll be curious as to what your toolkit could look like. Want to pick our brains about attraction campaigns? Give us a call - and in the meantime, why not take a look at our case studies for some inspiration.

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