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Diversity & Inclusion

Most organisations recognise the needs of the moral and the legal imperative for ensuring fairness and equality in the workplace. However here at DNA we can help you unlock the significant financial and performance-based benefits for workplace diversity. 
Before setting up DNA we worked with; the Metropolitan Police to transform their recruitment in the wake of the Macpherson Report; HBOS to ensure the retail branches matched the ethnic make-up of the local communities they served; Sun Life to recruit more older people to provide consistency and balance in the workforce; the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to train all staff on the ethnic and social nuances of the communities they serve.
We can help you examine the business, structural and other obstacles that may hinder your path to a productive, diverse workforce and put in place the remedial actions required to seize opportunities right across the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to retention, and engagement to training leaders and managers.

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Illustration of person using an app like interface completing a wellbeing survey

Apr 2020

‘Check-in’ wellbeing surveys - HR Directors – if you do one thing today, do this.

Keeping your staff safe and well at this time is surely the most important part of any leaders role. People are more worried about their jobs, their health, their families and their finances than ever before. And all this in a weird world of working remotely whilst being trapped at home.

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Illustration of a desk top, plant, computer and lamp.

Mar 2018

5 reasons why your boss doesn’t want to run an employee engagement survey and 5 why he or she really should

We’ve all been there. In the office of the M.D. trying to make the case for running that essential all staff engagement survey. They fidget, wince a bit and even go into the foetal position…

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