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Early Years

Do you know what’s invaluable to the future of your business? Early careers programmes. Large, small, or somewhere in-between, we help leading organisations across a wide range of sectors engage and attract emerging talent. We do this across a variety of early careers profiles including Graduates, Internships, School Leavers, and Apprenticeships. 

Engaging the increasingly important early careers audience requires a different type of thinking. And that’s where we come in. By understanding you, your objectives, and challenges, we can develop bespoke and innovative strategies that encompass early engagement, attraction, and creative messaging.  

Early Engagement 

Early careers recruitment is changing. Failsafe channels like careers fairs and job boards, in some cases, are seeing diminishing returns. To attract the brightest talent (and let’s face it, that’s the talent you want) you need to engage with them much earlier in the process, and they expect an authentic and real view of what you offer and how they could see themselves working for your organisation. 

We can help identify opportunities for early engagement in ways you wouldn’t expect. 


Promoting opportunities using targeted channels plays an essential role in early careers recruitment. Our thinking goes beyond the norm and we can help plan and deploy engaging and innovative attraction strategies: think on and offline advertising, social media, school visits, events, on-campus ambassadors, talks, sponsorships, open days, and experiential experiences. Additionally, we can help you develop exciting and impactful content and materials to make your efforts stand out in a busy space. 

Creative Messaging 

Part of the challenge in finding the best early years talent is selecting the right attraction channels. Identifying and utilising the best channels provides the right platform, sure, but it’s the impact of your creative messaging that will give your campaign a voice that is heard above that of your competitors.

The early years cohort is in some ways a dream audience – they’re generally passionate, enthusiastic, intelligent, and excited about their future career and are open to your organisation being that future. So great early years campaigns need to tap into that excitement and sense of promise by being equally bold and full of energy. Communicate with them in a way that they understand.

Perhaps you are a newcomer in this space or are overshadowed by the big boys and want to increase the visibility of your brand. Perhaps you need to address misperceptions or reposition your organisation within this audience, or perhaps you have specific objectives around inclusivity and attracting more underrepresented groups. Great creative can help you achieve all of these challenges.

Our approach isn’t about simply generating more applications; it’s about bringing your early careers opportunities to life and generating more applications from the right people – people that will succeed and stay. 

If you’re ready to find the best emerging talent in your industry, call Client Services to get started. See who else we’ve helped do just that, by clicking here.

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