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Social Recruiting

Social media is here to stay. Prolific in its own right as a channel for communicating your Employer Brand and attracting talent, if your Employer Brand isn’t visible across social channels (organically or as a paid campaign) it’s highly likely that you’ll be missing out on attracting and securing great people. 

But the use of social media isn’t just about posting vacancies and expecting a deluge of candidates to come knocking at your door. It’s about so much more than that. You need to think of social media as a window into your organisation from an employee and employer perspective; it’s a medium for informing, engaging, and telling your story. Today’s candidates will do their research and your social channels will be one of the first places they look to find out more about you. 

When used to best effect, social media can help build the narrative surrounding your Employer Brand and your employer reputation, improve reach amongst active and passive job seekers, reduce reliance on other attraction channels, drive down costs and result in better informed and engaged candidates. 

The thought of maximising the unquestionable opportunity that social media presents in helping to promote your Employer Brand and directly attract talent should be incredibly exciting, not daunting. Just think of the employee advocacy opportunities! 

We help organisations - large and small - create compelling social media strategies, plan and produce high quality content, manage their activity and provide reporting and insight. Of course, we're always looking for ways to optimise and improve performance to connect your employer brand with the audiences that matter to you.

So whether you are starting your social media journey from scratch, need to enable on brand social posts via a social ad creator, or are looking to optimise your current social media strategy, DNA can help. 

Arrange a chat with one of the team and in no time at all, you’ll be more informed about improving your reach and boosting engagement with compelling content. If you’ve got that covered, we can plan and execute pay-per-click attraction campaigns. Why not give us a call? 

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