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Brand Activation

Yes, you may have an Employer Brand – something that helps you theme your attraction campaigns and maybe some of your internal comms. But how do you make your brand less passive? How do you make it work hard for you today and a catalyst for more positive change tomorrow? 

Through brand activation we can help you bring energy and relevance to your brand as a living, breathing, experiential entity. Your people have to buy your brand every day so let’s make it meaningful. Let’s make it memorable. We can win hearts and minds and make your people true fans of the brand and so much more than just an employee.

We’ll bring your brand to life at every touch point of the employee lifecycle of course but the most overt ways in which we’ll build the emotional connection between your people and your brand are through all company events (from conferences, to award ceremonies to shared activities) and ensuring the working environment differentiates you as an employer by showcasing your USPs.

Whatever your activation looks like, you can be sure it’ll be tailored to your EVP and Employer Brand. To get going, speak to one of the team today. 

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