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Engagement Strategy

An engaged workforce can create so much more than happy employees. Employers want engaged employees because, as well as being happier, healthier and more fulfilled, they deliver improved business performance. Towers Perrin (now better known as Willis Towers Watson) found in 2007 that organisations with the highest percentage of engaged employees increased their operating income by 19 per cent and their earnings per share by 28 per cent year‐to‐year. So, the better the experience you give to your employees, the more engaged they are, the more value they will bring to the business. 

It’s not about motivation per se, or reward, recognition, communication or leadership. It’s about how these elements, working together, make your people 'FEEL’.

And that's where we come in. We'll find out how engaged your staff are and what you need to do to gain real traction and a return on engagement for the benefit of the business, your employees and customers. We'll work with you to create and measure a compelling engagement strategy that changes how people feel for the better.

You will see a happier workforce, happier customers and a healthier bottom line. Organisations that support engaged cultures build an attractive employer brand, which helps them attract and retain the best talent (Martin and Hetrick, 2006) so your culture becomes easier to maintain and grow. 

Our approach to your employee engagement strategy will start with some discovery through audit and implementing a programme of measurement such as an engagement survey. We will work with you to define your objectives, understand your organisation and align to the business plan before making a recommendation for how to achieve your goals.  

If you need help developing your employee engagement strategy and executing it with flair, then get in touch for an initial discussion. Call us on 0117 300 3000 or email:

And remember, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Quotes.


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