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Engagement Surveys

Listening to your employees is the only way you will understand how they feel about their work, their future and the organisation they have chosen to be part of. There is no stronger tool when it comes to your culture and measuring and understanding your employee engagement levels, and how they feel about working for you. 
Here at DNA, our clients trust us to make their employee engagement work for them, their people and their bottom line. 

  • The DNA Way – survey design

    Our employee engagement surveys follow a tried and tested, yet flexible, format and are proven to cut through to the real issues that may be holding your organisation back from delivering the employment experience you’d like (or thought you were).

    We’ll help you design the right survey questions for you and your business with a view to getting the right insight from your investment. All surveys will be anonymous so that employees can freely share their views, opinions and ideas. Our approach will agree the objectives of the survey, design a set of questions that support that, agree how the data should be split so we can be sure to make it as simple as possible for actioning (e.g. roles, location, function, length of service). 
    Too many clients are tempted to overload surveys with too many questions. We won’t let that be you. Others are tempted by ‘Always On’, potentially gimmicky, feedback tools that lead to data overload, survey fatigue, lack of ownership and no real follow through on actions (or time to do so). We won’t let you fall into that trap. We’ll also ensure that you don’t ask questions on things you can’t act on – another common scourge of the engagement survey.
    The annual survey isn’t dead but your listening needs to be more frequent and more relevant and therefore supplemented by quarterly or four monthly pulse surveys – that’s the format that works best at effectively driving change and ownership. It’s not just important to know how people feel but how that can shift over time. A quarterly survey serves that purpose. We’ll also design and run focus groups to help inform the process where we feel this is required. 
    The rhythm and flow of how we run, record and report of the surveys – and the effectiveness of the action taken – makes meaningful change happen.

  • The DNA Way – meaningful data and meaningful action planning

    Survey data is housed on our secure portal and can be accessed by your HR and line managers at any time to see their actions and how they are doing. After all, the most powerful information to enable a shift in a leader or managers’ behaviour is for them to see the impact on the people and the business results they are striving for. We can show it, explain it, share it and put actions behind it. We can give them directional coaching or a roadmap to a better way of working, whether that’s on a one to one basis or to a whole peer group. 

    Pie chart showing results of an employee engagement survey

    Our format also shows ‘heatmaps’ of areas requiring urgent or specific action. This can be around certain questions or specific groups of people.

    Heat map from employee engagement survey results

    And our free text questions give the gold dust behind those key enablement, people and relationship issues that will help you uncover the potential in your people and your business, how you serve your customers and create the right environment for your people to bring their best selves to work every day.
    Working with you, we can design an overarching employee engagement measurement programme that works for your organisation and provides you with a ‘continuous listening’ model – and, crucially, we can show the actions taken and the ROI in terms of engagement and performance. 
    We can also provide you with a communication plan to support the full programme – and work with you flexibly to deliver as little or as much as you need. We are happy to present the findings to the board, the leaders and managers and all employees as required. 
    If you need help developing your employee engagement strategy, then get in touch for an initial discussion. Call us on 0117 300 3000 or email:

To find out more, contact one of the team today.

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