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Health & Wellbeing

For many employers, Health and Wellbeing has traditionally been a tick box exercise. However, the world of work is changing and, as part of that, the world of Health and Wellbeing at work is changing faster.

Employee health is now recognised as one of the major hidden risks and costs for modern business: it can range from £900 to £3,500 per employee per annum, 4-6% of the payroll. But these are costs that are simply not seen, and therefore the opportunity for businesses to help their employees is being lost.

  • Organisations realise that they need to face up to their responsibilities as an employer. Work shouldn’t make you ill or injure you. Worryingly many organisations are unaware of their non compliance and the risks attached.
  • Staff expectations of employers have increased. People recognise the effect on themselves and their families of the toxic, unsafe or overtly stressful workplace and that they are to be avoided.
  • Employers recognise the business case – an effective Health and Wellbeing strategy will make you money and save you money and they understand the risk of doing nothing. For example, failing to tackle mental health is seen as the biggest risk to the business plans of many companies.
  • A robust Health and Wellbeing strategy will create a working environment of trust and understanding where employees feel valued, supported and want to proactively contribute, this in turn positively impacts productivity, attrition and employer reputation.
  • The physical and mental Health and Wellbeing of employees remains one of the least understood areas in business today – even when companies are spending significant budget on wellbeing initiatives, they are still seeing engagement reducing and absence increasing.

Whether driven by the legal imperative, the overwhelming business case or doing the right thing for employees – or all three. There’s a better way. The DNA Way.

How we can help

  • Health and Wellbeing Strategic Audits

    Our strategic Health and Wellbeing audit aims to set a benchmark and highlights both issues and opportunities. This audit will create a programme of work aimed at increasing the quality and decreasing the cost of your Health and Wellbeing agenda.

    Our proven four step process ensures that you are able to truly see the problems and understand them in context. And with that powerful information we can suggest new ways to address these problems proactively to turn them into opportunities, whilst measuring the long-term benefits and measurable return on investment this joined up and proactive approach offers.

    Every £1 invested in Health and Wellbeing will see between £3 and £7 back within 18 months, net of all investment.

    Download our guide to Health and Wellbeing Strategic Audits.

  • Emotional Wellbeing Check-In Surveys

    As a business you’re probably communicating more than ever before. But are you listening, really listening?

    Quick, simple but direct and approachable ‘check-in’ surveys focus specifically on emotional wellbeing. Designed to make sure that you are seen to be listening, to be empathetic and that you care for each and every one of your employees.

    We will help you craft a survey and run the communications programme, launch the survey, analyse the response and provide a report in real time on response rates, possible red flags, the overall feedback and specific trends or concerns – as well as the many positives that these surveys provide. Additionally, we’ll prepare an end of survey report and suggested actions for your leaders and managers.

    Download our guide to Emotional Wellbeing Check-in Surveys.

To find out more about how we can help you develop a health and wellbeing strategy for your business, contact us today.

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