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Internal Comms

You can strategise all you like, if your people don’t know where the business wants to be, how can they help it get there?

Good internal communications leverages employee engagement and enables your people to see what part they can play in helping achieve your goals. Really good employee communications will also help people to see how they can get where they want to be: motivating and inspiring achievement at every level of development by putting the spotlight on the mutual benefits.

An investment in internal communications is an investment in your business and your people, and particularly important if you are:

  • Re-organising your business model and structure in response to changing market forces or customer need.
  • Contemplating how to use the results of your employee survey to get your people to step up to the plate and be more effective and engaging communicators.

Creating and delivering strong internal communications strategies is in our DNA. It should be in yours too. We work with our client partners to deliver:

Career Path Communications

  • Visual career path development
  • Career path communication days
  • Career development booklets

Learning & Development

  • Leadership Training Programmes
  • Graduate Scheme Induction
  • Centralised Onboarding and Induction Programmes

Internal Communications

  • Employee handbooks
  • Private social networks
  • Employee engagement site
  • Vision, mission & values communications
  • Employee benefits collateral
  • Recognition programmes

Get in touch with one of our DNAers and find out how we can help you create an internal comms strategy that works for you.

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