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Onboarding & Induction

First impressions count as much for companies as their new hires. A good first impression will maximise the energy, advocacy and productivity new people bring to a role.

Having invested the time and money to get an offer out and accepted, it’s astonishing that too few organisations fail to maximise the potential inherent in preboarding and onboarding strategies to make sure they turn up on day one fit and firing and ready to go (and even make them a fan before they become an employee).

To ease the transition from candidate to valuable and engaged employee we’ll translate your strategy into creative and effective collateral including Onboarding sites, the planning and delivery of Induction programmes, New starter packs and more. 

Every clients’ onboarding objectives vary. We work with clients to bring their onboarding experience to life – whether that’s through an onboarding website to give a compelling experience before they start, a tool to digitise and streamline onerous paperwork or (offline) via packs and cards for new starters.

Contact one of our DNAers to find out how we can develop an onboarding and induction plan which matches your specific objectives.

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