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Reward & Recognition

It's a natural human trait to want to be recognised and rewarded for the work you do. But that doesn’t have to be a financial recognition and reward, although that will be completely bespoke to the organisation. Recognition can start with a simple ‘thank you’; this can help build morale and a culture of recognition. Beyond that a programme that aligns to the behaviours you want employees to display, supporting ad-hoc recognition as well as a more structured programme, if visible, can help support and build the culture you want. 

‘Compensation is a right; recognition is a gift’ (Moss-Kanter). As a manager and a leader within an organisation, you need to be empowered and enabled to give the gift of recognition, every day. In the same way that food fuels your body so recognition will fuel your team’s engagement and performance.

When developing a plan for recognition we will work with you to design a programme that works for the organisation, whether that’s creating a toolkit for managers to support ad-hoc recognition better, introducing shorter-term incentive plans or creating an ongoing culture of recognition that feeds a larger structured reward programme. 

Whatever the deliverables, we know that for it to be successful, our managers and leaders have to embrace the opportunity to recognise all employees who ‘go the extra mile’ as and when that happens. We know that the process for peer-to-peer nominations needs to be easy to execute, support those core behaviours you want employees to display and be visible in a timely manner so that the recognition can be felt as soon as possible. And, where possible, let’s make it personal. Showing that you understand the individual being recognised is going to make it so much more meaningful. 

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