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Purpose, Vision, Mission
& Values

Now more than ever, talented staff have high expectations of their employers with regard to their purpose, mission, vision and values. They demand clarity and authenticity and if your respective value sets coincide great things can happen.
Purpose – people will always emotionally engage with the ‘why’ above the ‘what’ you do. What are you here for and why does it really matter? A strong purpose will unite and inspire your staff to achieve both pride and fulfilment in the great work you do together – and in particular the impact you have on the lives of your various stakeholders. 
Vision – we describe this as your preferred state of the future. What do you want the organisation to be like in the future? 
Mission – this is the ‘how’ you will achieve the vision? What do you do? Who for? And how is it characterised?
Values – what your staff bring to work every day to get the job done. The behavioural compass that underpins the culture and how you interact with each other, customers and the world beyond.  
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