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Employer Brand Diagnostic

The importance of the Employer Brand to organisational success has never been more critical. This audit will enable you to understand the current status of your Employer Brand, i.e. your reputation as an employer among the internal and external audiences that matter. It will highlight areas for immediate improvement, strategic opportunities for real ROI and build an action plan to bridge the gap between the current reality and the employer brand positioning and profile your business needs. An effective employer brand will make you money and save you money. This is a firm foundation to ensure success on that journey.

  • Why do it – and the potential ROI

    Your employer brand, and specifically the employment experience that sits within it, is often seen as the gap between a leader’s expectation of what the business should achieve and the organisation’s capacity to deliver. Talk to any business leader about what keeps them awake and ‘People’ will be the top answer every time. However you now have an amazing opportunity to do things differently – new energy, new focus, new sense of purpose and to cast off the elements of the employment experience that are holding you back and build on those things that are the foundation to carry you forwards. And doing nothing is not an option. If great employer brands are built on purpose, authenticity, trust, connection and engagement you’ll need a route map to manage those effectively. Particularly at a time when you could have more and more people working remotely than ever before, more people anxious about the future and more people expecting their employer to provide a greater sense of belonging and direction. 
    It's more than likely that your employer brand will have changed during COVID-19 and an employer brand audit will give you a real time evaluation of what’s going well, where the disconnects (and time bombs!) are and what the essential remedial steps might be. After all, as an employer, you’re not who you say you are, what the staff say you are is the true reality. 
    The audit process has allowed us to implement some compelling employer brand programmes at the heart of many DNA clients. We have saved one bank nearly £1m in recruitment and turnover costs, two major retailers between £500k and £650k each and a motor services business around £600k in recruitment costs. More than that we have slashed attrition and improved engagement in many others. And for many clients, built careers and reputations for them in the process. 

  • The DNA Way

    Firstly, setting objectives is critical.

    What are we trying to achieve? This is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Typically, we will work with clients to achieve one or more of the following:

    Position the HR Department as the drivers of effective business change

    • Ensuring connection, engagement and authenticity – “I don’t know what I don’t know” is a dangerous position
    • Helping you ‘do more with less’ going forwards, by eliminating waste, inefficiencies, outdated practices and disconnects

    Position the organisation as current, relevant, authentic and an employer of choice

    • Reduce attrition – and its effect on the business
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Create the environment for a more agile, change aware workforce
    • Enable the leaders and managers to deliver the right employment experience consistently
    • Reduced cost and time to hire and improved recruitment efficiency metrics
    • Reduced reliance on expensive 3rd party agencies
    • Increased employee advocacy
    • Increased customer satisfaction by aligning the customer and employer brand – after all it’s the staff who deliver on the promises to customers every day

    So having set objectives we then need to undertake the right type and level of information gathering. This will typically involve some or all of the following: 

    • Selected focus groups with existing staff
    • One to ones with senior leaders and key stakeholders
    • A pulse survey to all staff or a carefully defined representative group 
    • External brand audit – messaging, consistency 
    • Internal comms audit – overview of messages, channels, consistency and traction.
    • Careers site and recruitment comms audit 
    • Review of recruitment efficiencies including CPH, TTH and candidate experience 
    • Review of exit data and trends
    • Review of attrition figures and trends 
    • Review of Glassdoor/other social media 
    • Competitor review 
    • Mystery shopping
    • Review of existing engagement survey data 

    Once the discovery is complete we can then provide the full employer brand audit. 

    We’ll provide a full report outlining the current status of your employer brand. More importantly we will highlight areas for immediate improvement, strategic opportunities for real ROI and build an action plan to bridge the gap between the current reality and the employer brand positioning and profile your business needs. Where possible we will fully cost the action plan, with a range of possible options to consider, a firm DNA recommendation and likely the ROI we can achieve together. 


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