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Brand Building is Business Building

Brand development

You can have a trade name, a logo, a slogan or any kind of marketing collateral. It doesn’t mean you have a brand. A brand is much more than the sum of its parts: it’s the promise of an experience, a tone of voice, a commitment to quality standards, an ethos that runs consistently throughout your business and is communicated at every customer touch point.

A good brand isn’t created overnight. It takes hard work, dedication and will only grow over time. But it’s value is boundless in terms of building value and maintaining customer loyalty: people don’t just buy brands, they buy into them.   

With this all in mind, it’s invaluable to define your brand, its execution and how it can grow in line with your business, products and services. And that’s exactly where we come in.

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Proposition & Collateral Development UWE

Proposition & Collateral Development image

We developed the customer proposition for all of the products UWE offer to businesses and then developed supporting brochures and web copy for each.

Case Study  

Brand & Collateral Development Descartes

Brand & Collateral Development image

Exentra Transport Solutions were acquired by Descartes in late 2012. Over the last year we have worked with the team to develop rebranded all marketing collateral.

Case Study  

Brand Development – Financial Services Bath Building Society

Brand Development – Financial Services image

We’d worked with the PR & Communication Manager from Bath Building Society in a previous life, so when she got in touch to let us know she’d moved on and needed some help we jumped at the chance, two-fold.

Case Study  

Corporate Website - Financial Services Bath Building Society

Corporate Website - Financial Services image

We developed a responsive corporate website in line with the recent brand refresh also undertaken by DNA.

Case Study  

Corporate Website - HR consultancy Enrich

Corporate Website - HR consultancy image

Following a brand development project, we developed a responsive website for Enrich, an HR and employee engagement consultancy for SMEs.


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