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More than a 'nice to have'

Customer engagement

So, if you trust your marketing to DNA what will the relationship look like? Well, for us, the most important thing is that it all starts with listening - and that doesn't change. We listen intently and understand your goals, challenges and opportunities.

Then, we'll give you a range of potential solutions, a firm recommendation and clear rationale. Experienced in both B2B and B2C, in everything from web to video, to print work, direct mail, email and exhibitions, we’ll show you how to measure every penny, track each response and use the information to make your budget go even further.  

Above all we’ll give you a plan you can believe in, creative work you’re proud of and an integrated strategy that truly delivers from a partner you can really trust.

So, if it all starts with listening and problem solving what are the things that clients say to us?

'I spend £300K a year on Marketing and I don't know if that's too much, too little or the right amount. When I ask why, I just get told 'That's what we've always spent'. I think I need a plan.

'I don't know who my customers are, where they are or how they are.'

''Our Marketing activity seems to have taken on a life of it's own. We need someone to help us rein it in and ensure all activity is correctly aligned to business objectives.'

'Our website's served us well for the last 4 or 5 years but it isn't going to do a job going forwards.'

'We're hiding our light under a bushel. We need to showcase what we can offer much more effectively.'

'Our customers always say 'I never realised you sold XXX'. It's very frustrating.'

'We do OK, but I want more than OK. It's time to upscale my Marketing so we start punching above our weight.'

Customer Engagement is much more than a nice to have, a way of building loyalty or a guide to research and development. Effective Customer Engagement recognises that customers drive the conversation.

Where we can help you is by putting in place the channels and platforms where conversations can happen, and creating, curating and managing the content that creates talking points. We are the conduit between you and your customers, nurturing relationships, fostering loyalty and building business along the way.

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Proposition & Collateral Development UWE

Proposition & Collateral Development image

We developed the customer proposition for all of the products UWE offer to businesses and then developed supporting brochures and web copy for each.

Case Study  

Commercial Video Hall & Woodhouse

Commercial Video image

Hall & Woodhouse are a family owned brewery based in Dorset who were looking for a video to promote their latest pub - a large, impressive site in the centre of Bath.

Case Study  

Point of Sale - Retail DestinationSkin

Point of Sale - Retail image

We create a monthly set of point of sale advertising and permanent signage for 26 advanced skincare clinics nationwide.

Case Study  

Student Recruitment Microsite UWE

Student Recruitment Microsite image

We designed and developed a responsive website for UWE's undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment campaign.

Case Study  

Ecommerce Website for SaaS Provider Descartes

Ecommerce Website for SaaS Provider image

We developed an ecommerce site to for Exentra Transport Solutions to showcase their software as a service product and sell supporting goods online. We later re-designed the site as part of a re-brand when the company was acquired by Descartes.

Case Study  

Brand & Collateral Development Descartes

Brand & Collateral Development image

Exentra Transport Solutions were acquired by Descartes in late 2012. Over the last year we have worked with the team to develop rebranded all marketing collateral.

Case Study  

Brand Development – Financial Services Bath Building Society

Brand Development – Financial Services image

We’d worked with the PR & Communication Manager from Bath Building Society in a previous life, so when she got in touch to let us know she’d moved on and needed some help we jumped at the chance, two-fold.

Case Study  

Ecommerce Website - Insurance Sutton and East Surrey Water Services

Ecommerce Website - Insurance image

We developed a new brand and built an ecommerce website to market a range of home emergency insurance products.

Case Study  

Corporate Website - Financial Services Bath Building Society

Corporate Website - Financial Services image

We developed a responsive corporate website in line with the recent brand refresh also undertaken by DNA.

Case Study  

Corporate Website - HR consultancy Enrich

Corporate Website - HR consultancy image

Following a brand development project, we developed a responsive website for Enrich, an HR and employee engagement consultancy for SMEs.

Case Study  

Email Marketing & Customer Engagement Sutton & East Surrey Water Services

Email Marketing & Customer Engagement image

We designed a fully responsive email template for SESWS to use to engage with members of their ‘Priority Club’, sharing news and exclusive offers.

Case Study  

Email Marketing Template Development Descartes

Email Marketing Template Development image

We developed a fully responsive and easily editable email template enabling Descartes to stay in touch with customers, share news and product offers.


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