Image of a laptop showing stats from a survey deck from a marketing customer survey case study, with a pink colour background. Large image of a laptop showing stats from a survey deck from a marketing customer survey case study, with a pink colour background.

Customer Surveys

There are many reasons why research into your marketplace and surveying your customers is a valuable exercise to undertake. From gaining a better understanding of who your customers are, what they think about you (and your competitors) and their changing needs, where they spend their money (and the factors that drive their buying decisions), the share of their wallet you receive and why, the market’s awareness of you and the solutions you provide and how you could both innovate and differentiate in a potentially crowded market. 
Every Marketing Department is looking to do more with less and our insight will help you ensure that all decisions are firmly knowledge based. There’s a common misperception that ‘markets change’, the reality is that it’s customer preferences that change and our insight will help you both understand and take real advantage from the change. We’ll ensure you ask the right questions and in the right way, using focus groups, telephone researchers and online surveys as appropriate.
However, it’s not just about collecting the data. We’ll shape the comms plan and run all aspects of the project management. And, once the data gathering is complete, we’ll provide a full report for all stakeholders – in line with the agreed objectives of the survey work set out at the start of the exercise. 
Our approach works well and has been proven to add real value to our clients. 
For Allmat (a builder’s merchant) we were able to supercharge their growth simply by understanding how best to serve the customers’ needs – and in so doing make it quicker and easier (and more fulfilling) to do business with Allmat than their competitors. Share of wallet from each customer grew significantly. 
For James Tobias (an office storage solutions provider) it was about understanding what the market perception was and how best we could create USPs and a sense of differentiation, identity and loyalty without spending a penny more on marketing. In fact we spent a lot less as it was properly targeted.
For Ntrinsic it was about positioning them as a proactive and expert organisation, one that provided a superior service and which was aware of their customers’ emerging needs in a rapidly changing market.
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