Image of a laptop screen showing a website screenshot taken from a marketing strategy & consultancy case study, with a teal background Large image of a laptop screen showing a website screenshot taken from a marketing strategy & consultancy case study, with a teal background

Strategy & Consultancy

Clients trust us to help them shape their strategy and implement a marketing plan that works. With many years’ experience across a wide range of sectors we can cut through the noise to help you define the future you want to see – and then help you realise it. 
Above all we’ll give you a plan you can believe in, creative work you’re proud of and an integrated strategy that truly delivers from a partner you can really trust.
It all starts with listening, we need to fully understand what you need to achieve for your business. And often the relationship starts with a cry for help…here are some real examples from people who are now DNA clients.
'I spend £300K a year on Marketing and I don't know if that's too much, too little or the right amount. When I ask why, I just get told 'That's what we've always spent'. I think I need a plan.’
'I don't know who my customers are, where they are or how they are.'
'Our Marketing activity seems to have taken on a life of its own. We need someone to help us rein it in and ensure all activity is correctly aligned to business objectives.'
'We've got a great story to tell. We need to showcase what we can offer much more effectively.'
'Our customers always say "I never realised you sold XYZ". It's very frustrating.'
'We do OK, but I want more than OK. It's time to upscale my Marketing so we start punching above our weight.'
Once we’ve understood where you are and the gap to where you’d like to be we can shape the plan together. And make success happen for you as we have many other DNA clients.

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May 2021

Make your Employer Brand the catalyst for positive change that your business needs

Every HRD – and CEO – knows there’s at least 10% of unrealised potential in their business at any one time. And it’s often a lonely and frustrating task to realise it. Until now. That is, until BrandShift.

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Illustration of a desk top, plant, computer and lamp, green background. Laptop showing employee engagement results

Apr 2021

5 reasons why an Engagement survey should be top of your agenda

It’s been a long old year, and we can finally see a glimmer of hope and return to normality. So when was the last time you gave your employees the opportunity to really share how they’re doing?

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