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Apr 2021

5 reasons why an Engagement survey should be top of your agenda

It’s been a long old year, and we can finally see a glimmer of hope and return to normality. So when was the last time you gave your employees the opportunity to really share how they’re doing? Not just a quick check in but a chance to provide a personal commentary on who they are, how they are and where they are?

Often, employee engagement surveys can be a daunting, time consuming task, and one that’s often found on the ‘I’d like to do list’….and get kicked into the next quarter or the next year even.

So, why should you take the leap and roll out an engagement survey now?

  1. It’s a statement of intent. You’re valued, we’re listening and we’re going to act. More than that, COVID has changed your staff’s expectations of you as their employer. The world has changed, they demand a voice and you need to be in ‘receive’ mode not just ‘transmit’.
  2. You can’t improve what you don’t accurately measure…. and that includes the employment experience you and your leaders and managers deliver. Be objective. And hold your managers to account to deliver improvement over time.
  3. Your people and clients have all the answers. It can be lonely as a business leader. Get the listening right and the good ideas won’t all have to come from you. Effective engagement will make you money and save you money every day of the week. And with staff turnover predicted to explode in many markets this is a golden opportunity to save on the onerous cost of attrition.
  4. You’ll get a mandate for change and learn more about the business. A whole lot more. What’s holding you back, where are the disconnects and where is there positive potential that’s as yet untapped? Next level employee engagement will give you a more agile, resilient and change capable workforce.
  5. It’s what leaders do. Enough said. The clients we take through programmes such as ‘Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For’ aren’t necessarily because they are one of the best, it’s because they want to be.

Funnily enough, once you take the plunge, the process is usually an enjoyable one, you’ll be able to clearly see its value and will wish you’d done it earlier.

A word of warning however, the quality of the questions is key ­– be brave if you want real gains, not the glossy, superficial exterior. And use two or three carefully crafted free text questions – these could and should be business gold dust for you. And outsource to a third party. The feeling the employees have of discretion and confidentiality are key. You’re undervaluing the process if all replies go to HR. Here at DNA we have a suite of questions proven to cut through in the right way supported by a tried and tested and accessible process. Both are critical. And, even more so, are the action plans that follow. It’s one thing collecting the data but what you do with it will define your employer brand beyond just 2021.

And finally, set the project as you would any other good business project – clear objectives, clear project plan, follow up, review and deliverables. As your Granny used to say ‘You have two ears and one mouth for a reason…’. Never was that more critical than today.

Get in touch today to discuss how DNA can help you craft, deliver and measure your return on your next engagement survey on

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