May 2024

AI and your Employer Branding Strategy

Author: John Tarrant

Expectations on TA and HR teams are higher than ever – everyone is expected to do more with less it seems. So, understandably there’s a clamour for AI to do a lot of the heavy lifting but reaping the benefits of effective AI deployment isn’t as straightforward as downloading whatever the bright, new shiny thing on the block is today.
Effective use of AI and Employer Branding aren’t the same thing, but it can be a tool to raise your competitive edge in all things talent. Many new AI fuelled tools claim to be ‘faster, better and cheaper’ but real-world experience tells us that they’re only delivering one, or at best two, of those three – and ‘better’ never features.
Here’s the good news. HR and TA professionals are right to embrace the positive benefits AI offers. We can speed up the process for candidates and take the time and effort out of some of those volume onerous tasks, and the money saved can be redeployed elsewhere in the talent budget to make a real difference where it’s needed.

To reap the benefits of the new tools available (and some of the old ones now dressed up as AI) recruiters have to have the key foundational basics in place. The DNA mantra that, critically, every EVP and Employer Brand, needs to be ‘distinct, authentic and compelling’ holds true. Now more than ever before. With the EVP and Employer Brand securely in place you can then segment effectively across all of your talent subsets internally and externally – the right message, nuanced in the right way, to the right audience, at the right time, through the right media. This messaging matrix is key, not just in terms of what represents important content, but in tone of voice and your unique personality. Serious recruiters can’t leave this to chance or to AI. After all, when it all goes wrong you can’t blame the tool.
So the role of DNA or your chosen EVP/Employer Brand partner is to set you up for success; to help you shape that distinct, authentic and compelling offering, and be the media agnostic expert to guide you in deploying the right tools in the right way, operationalising your EVP at every touchpoint and helping you to measure everything to prove ROI and effectiveness in real time.

If you’d like to talk to us about your Employer Brand, and how and where AI may support you, get in touch. Or to see how we are helping other clients bring their Employer Brands to life, check out some examples on our case study pages.

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