Small banner illustration of person using an app like interface completing a wellbeing survey Large banner illustration of person using an app like interface completing a wellbeing survey

Apr 2020

‘Check-in’ wellbeing surveys - HR Directors – if you do one thing today, do this.

Author: John Tarrant

Keeping your staff safe and well at this time is surely the most important part of any leaders role. People are more worried about their jobs, their health, their families and their finances than ever before. And all this in a weird world of working remotely whilst being trapped at home. And although everyone is facing the same threat, not everyone is facing the same circumstances. Every person is different, every person’s individual situation is different.

Look at any of the mental health statistics and they make startling reading. Over 50% of employees cited they’ve needed help with stress and mental health and two thirds of UK adults cited that they’d been ‘overwhelmed and unable to cope’ – and that was before COVID-19. More worrying still, the excellent EG report into the Property industry in the autumn of 2019 found that 26% of those surveyed had considered taking their own life.

As a business you’re probably communicating more than ever before – zoom calls, emails from the top and more. But are you listening, really listening?

We’ve been running some ‘check-in’ surveys for DNA clients and their staff, nothing heavy but a ‘Hi, how are you doing, what particular pressures are you facing?’ sort of thing. Everyone gets that leaders need to be seen to be listening and empathetic at this time. By and large most people are reporting that they’re getting by, but we were worried that some staff might be out of sight and out of mind and in need of real help. We’ve reached out and they’ve gratefully responded so that the interventions can be put in place (and proved to us that ticking the EAP box isn’t enough). Some of the anxieties were about real work and life issues here and now, interestingly a number were about the what, how and when (and if I ever could) return to work.

If you’d like help putting your own survey together, in the right way and getting them out very quickly i.e. this week (and receiving/interpreting the results quickly) please contact us. If you don’t have a budget, it doesn’t matter. We’ll find a way to make it happen. Let’s just get it done.

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