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Feb 2024

Free Employer Brand audit from DNA

A distinct, authentic, and compelling Employer Brand will make and save you money every day. It’s good for your people, good for your customers and good for the bottom line. More than that, it can act as the platform for success as you navigate a changing world around you, whether that’s in maximising the potential of AI, moving to a skills-based talent model, catalysing your DE&I journey, realising the potential of a multi-generational workforce or building reputation in all the talent markets that matter to you – both inside and outside your organisation. 
An effective Employer Brand can be the golden thread that ties all this together. How’s that going for you at the moment? What’s going well, what isn’t, what’s holding you back and what’s keeping you awake at night? If you need a plan to get beyond those things, it has to start with an audit of your current situation to see the gaps and opportunities to build a better way. 
DNA are acknowledged thought and practice leaders in all things EVP and Employer Brand. We’re offering a free Employer Brand audit to a select group of organisations. Our strategists will take a deep dive into all aspects of your Employer Brand, report their findings, and make recommendations for improvements the business needs. It might reinforce what you already know. Then again, it could shine a much-needed light when and where you need it most. 
Call or email us using the details below to book a preliminary briefing chat. Remember, this is a free service with no expectation from us or obligation on you.
07949 119991

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