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Dec 2023

Gain the edge in 2024's talent market

Author: John Tarrant

May you live in interesting times. 

While purporting to be a blessing, this statement, is in fact, a curse (people dispute its origins as a Chinese proverb – it's neither ancient nor Chinese. But that's beside the point). It really is an interesting time for talent professionals. Some only see challenges (there are many) and feel cursed. Others can see that for every challenge, there is opportunity. With the right approach, you’ll compete and win in today's ever-changing talent market. 
So, how do you get ahead of the game in a world where, even now, there are still more good jobs than people to do them, and every HR and talent professional is expected to do more with less? What are the emerging themes? What should you do more of, less of, stop doing, start doing? There are probably a hundred things I could suggest, but the list of six below will help you enormously. 
Firstly, build your employer reputation externally and internally. Externally, if you want to be seen as a great place to work, you have to be seen. More than that, you can't just spray and pray your messaging, target it correctly and earn the right to have a recruitment conversation. Internally, you have to build your employer reputation every day – after all, your staff have to buy your brand every day. 
And it's not just about the sharing of the message. Before any of that happens, it needs to be shaped carefully. We’re a flexible, amenable bunch at DNA, but our one non-negotiable is that your EVP and Employer Brand has to be distinct, authentic and compelling. It needs accurate segmentation to deliver the right message to the right subset in the right way and, in so doing, give you the bang for your buck that you need. 
2023 has seen the rise of employee advocacy. Using your employees as the most authentic and articulate (and believed) exponents of your employment experience is powerful. It doesn't just happen and needs a clear plan to deliver the necessary KPIs and eliminate risk. 
More broadly, social media is now better understood and utilised by some, but unfortunately not by most recruiters. People think it's free and it's easy. It's neither, but good things can happen if you plan carefully, execute with flair, and measure everything. 
More organisations understand the importance of candidate experience, particularly those where every applicant is an existing or potential customer. More than that, you'll always reject more than you hire; make it a branded, engaging experience, not a cold (or even rude) process. Better things will happen in terms of your employer reputation and, critically, hiring metrics. 
Talking of metrics, Employer Branding will make and save you money, delivering for all the important things like the bottom line, your customer experience and more. And it's not a tenner here or there; DNA has created ROI of millions of pounds for clients. 2023 has seen organisations understand what effective Employer Branding can do. And in 2024, more will get it, too. 
So that's six of the best. Why six? Well, we started in China, and six is considered lucky as it sounds like the word that means 'to flow', so it refers to smooth progress in life. It can also mean well-off. Something that flows and has a financial ROI would be an Employer Branding strategy blessing. Not only is it doable, but your competitors might already be there…

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