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Jul 2021

If great Employer Brands are built on purpose, authenticity, trust, connection and engagement – is yours still relevant?

Employer Branding is the strategy you deploy to appeal to current and future talent – those people who will thrive in your organisation, have a positive effect on colleagues, customers, culture and outputs – however you measure them. 

The world has changed in the last 18 months in many ways and, if your Employer Brand is to stay relevant it too has to keep pace with the rate of change. 

Your Employer Brand, and specifically the employment experience that sits within it, is often seen as the gap between a leader’s expectation of what the business should achieve and the organisation’s capacity to deliver. If great Employer Brands are built on purpose, authenticity, trust, connection and engagement you’ll need a route map to manage those effectively. 

However, you now have an opportunity to do things differently – new energy, new focus, new sense of purpose and to cast off the elements of the employment experience that are holding you back and build on those things that are the foundation to carry you forwards. And doing nothing is not an option. The war for talent is back on and many employers are seeking to hire in larger numbers whilst managing rising levels of attrition. But the expectations of an employee – and the employment experience you offer – is where critical changes need to be addressed. 

Have you delivered for your staff during COVID? With more people working remotely or as hybrid teams how are you providing focus, belonging and direction? Your purpose as an organisation has never been more important – how are you articulating yours? Where are you on your diversity and inclusion journey? Is this represented in your evolving Employer Brand? 

So where do you start? An audit will enable you to understand the current status of your Employer Brand. It will highlight areas for immediate improvement, strategic opportunities for real ROI and build an action plan to bridge the gap between the current reality and the Employer Brand positioning and profile your business needs. An effective Employer Brand will make you money and save you money. This is a firm foundation to ensure success on that journey. 

The audit process has allowed us to implement some compelling Employer Brand programmes at the heart of many DNA clients. We have saved money, slashed attrition and improved engagement. And for many clients, built careers and reputations for them in the process.

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