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Mar 2024

Igniting your Employer Brand through Employee Advocacy

Author: Joe Di-gesse

For some, Employee Advocacy still feels like a new-fangled marketing strategy and its benefits may have been overlooked. But fast forward to 2024, and it's become an essential weapon in the talent attraction arsenal. Why? Because in today's hyper-connected world, your employees are your most trusted (and powerful) brand ambassadors.

Content shared by employees on social media receives 8x the engagement compared to brand-shared content (Sprout Social). Your future talent trusts the voices who know your company culture best – your employees.

Advocacy offers your business a unique way to ignite a fire under your Employer Brand and share your culture and values in an authentic and trusted way. This helps build employer reputation and penetration into wider talent pools.

So, what does Employee Advocacy look like in 2024?

Personalised and purpose-driven: Today's advocacy programmes tap into employees' unique views of the business and aligns them with the company's purpose. Think micro-influencers within your own organisation, consistently propping up your Employer Brand message and displaying your values to wider networks. No cookie-cutter content, advocate posts should feel authentic and genuine, allowing some creative freedom within the boundaries of a secure process.

Social media at the forefront: From LinkedIn to TikTok, employees are where the conversations happen. Empower them to share genuine, authentic stories, industry insights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses that showcase the culture from the inside. They’re engaged networks and communities are the key to making advocacy a success.

Enhanced employee engagement: Feeling valued and empowered to be a brand voice boosts employee morale, loyalty, and overall engagement. A win-win for everyone. Ensure your advocates are armed with the right training, resources and a firm strategy behind the programme to ensure they stay engaged and feel empowered to be a voice for the brand.

Employee Advocacy programmes deliver tangible results when it comes to attracting talent. In fact, a study by Altimeter Group found that companies with active Employee Advocacy programmes see a 25% increase in qualified applicants. That's a quarter more potential hires simply from leveraging the voices of your existing employees! 

And it doesn't stop there. According to a LinkedIn report, companies with highly engaged employee advocates experienced a 58% increase in new hires from employee referrals. This means your satisfied employees actively recommend your company to their network, further expanding your talent pool and attracting top performers who trust the first-hand accounts of their peers.

Ready to unlock the power of your workforce? Implementing an effective Employee Advocacy programme requires commitment, but the rewards are undeniable.

By combining these insights with the power of your Employer Brand, you can create an Employee Advocacy programme that makes a real impact in 2024 and beyond.

At DNA, we’ve created and honed a powerful framework for advocacy that focuses on engaging your advocates, generating authentic content that cuts-through the noise and eliminates risk, whilst delivering great results for brands.

Remember, your employees are the heart and soul of your brand. Empower them to share their stories, and watch your talent attraction and Employer Brand engagement, soar!

Get in touch with me for an initial call to discover what employee advocacy can do for you. Email me on joe@wearedna.co.uk or visit our employee advocacy page for more details and to watch our webinar.

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