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John Tarrant Managing Partner


John - Written by Chris

John and I go back many, many years, first of all professionally, but then as good friends. I first met him when I joined his agency in Bristol as an Art Director, and we hit it off immediately. Since then, our career paths have gone different ways, but now they’ve come back together full circle, which is lovely. Not only is he a great friend, but he’s also a great person to work with.

He’s been in recruitment for at least 70 years, and so his knowledge of the business is second to none. It’s not just the DNA team who benefit from this. Many clients do too. The world of recruitment has changed since we first met – just as we have, I guess – but I can still see many of the qualities I saw in John during those early days: enthusiasm, passion, hunger. There’s a glint in the eye, and we’re enjoying working together again. Just so long as he doesn’t forget that I taught him everything he knows.

Contact John on 0117 300 3000 or email:

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