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Bea Moffat Account Executive


Bea - Written by Sarah

Bea is one of the most vital members of the DNA team, taking responsibility for everything from in-depth international research,  to writing analytics reports, managing social media campaigns, helping managing websites and a whole host of other things – it’s a wonder her head isn’t spinning! Although Bea hasn’t been with us for long she’s settled right in and hit the ground running, making herself invaluable to the rest of the team.

Bea joins us straight from the University of Bristol, where she studied for a degree in history (this is evident when she’s responsible for setting the Friday afternoon quiz).

Important things to know about Bea – her walk to work is epic, she likes to run – for pleasure – strange creature, she does not like a hot drink (we’ve stopped offering) and no Friday night is complete without a generous portion of garlic bread.

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