Infinis 'Bicycle Recycle' Challenge

Infinis are a company on a mission. Well led, with proven market leading credentials they are a leading diversified distributed power producer (and reseller) from methane 
rich gas (from landfill and disused coal mines) – and that’s just the start as they continue to grow, innovate and diversify. Last year’s business plan was labelled as ‘Consolidate, Optimise, Grow’. It’s all about looking at how we do what we do and challenging ourselves to find incremental improvements that make a material difference to the business. It might be a process improvement, a new engineering solution, it might be a better way of working, more generator uptime, greater responsiveness or a myriad of other things. Whatever the application is, it’s all about mindset. Challenging ourselves to do more, be more and be the best we can be at work. So how could we embed those messages into the hearts and minds of the employees, most of whom work on remote sites away from Head Office? How could we engage every member of staff in the business plan and ensure they will take personal responsibility to be the change you want to see?

Every member of the 350 or so staff came together over two successive Wednesdays. After a morning of company presentations, we brought the business plan to life through our ‘Bicycle Recycle’ challenge.

We broke the groups in to 10 teams. Each team was given two bikes in serious need of refurbishment and a deadline of two and a half hours in which to do so. Teams earnt money through an element of gamification to order parts and time with specialist mechanics if required. They also collaborated across groups to provide help if required, sharing tools and knowledge. There was a role for everyone, technical or not, with a full checklist of essential tasks to complete. The finale was a parade of 20 ‘good as new’ bikes was greeted with much cheering and applause.
However, Infinis is more than just a generator and seller of renewable power, they understand their responsibilities to their communities and seek to fulfil them in the right way. To that end we sourced 5 amazing charities to receive the bikes. Bikes that will make a material difference to children, families and vulnerable individuals when they need a helping hand the most – not just immediately but on into the future.

It was a memorable day for a host of reasons. Most importantly the staff got the message loud and clear about what the business wants and needs them to be at work in order to make consolidation and optimisation their watchwords for the rest of the year and beyond. They also remember the good they do as a business and the heartfelt messages of thanks from the charities receiving the bikes.
Look out for this engaged, expert and focused business as they continue to develop, diversify and grow. As we said, ‘The possibilities are Infinis….’

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