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Halfords Graduates Programme 2018

Halfords were looking to recruit graduates to join their 2018 Graduate Programme. DNA had previously planned and implemented their attraction campaign, so it was a case of building on the knowledge from previous years and ensuring the best possible return on investment, quality and number of applications.

An integrated campaign was planned with the emphasis on online inventory. We produced a selection of attraction tools including HTML emails and other digital inventory which were placed on job boards that we had reviewed following the previous year’s schedule. In addition, we planned and managed the social media posts for the programme. All traffic was driven to the bespoke graduate microsite where they could find out more from both written and video content, which we'd developed.

The attraction campaign was live for just under three months from October to December, in which time Halfords had over 6,200 visits to the Graduate microsite and over 2,500 applications (compared to circa 700 in 2016).

Nine graduates were chosen to take part in the graduate programme which started in August 2018. Halfords had originally been looking for eight graduates, but the calibre was so high that they hired an additional applicant.

animated image of the Halfords graduates recruitment and careers website
Examples of two pieces of imagery taken from the brand creative for Halfords graduates recruitment and careers website
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