Small image of a stack of Mind, Body and Soul printed booklets for an Aldermore employee engagement campaign Image of a stack of Mind, Body and Soul printed booklets for an Aldermore employee engagement campaign


Aldermore Mind Body Soul

We’d worked closely with Aldermore on championing wellbeing for some time and had progressed from ‘Wellbeing week’ in year one to ‘Wellbeing month’ in year two, both of which had registered a change in mindset and habits inside and outside of the workplace. But we wanted to do more. We needed to take the next step towards wellbeing being a 52 week a year mindset. 

We felt the best way to keep building traction, understanding and momentum was to focus an entire quarter’s activity on wellbeing. Not just to reinforce the messages of the previous work but to take the impact to the next level. So, ‘Mind, body and soul’ was born. 
For the month of January, we helped people better understand the causes and symptoms of stress, to look after their mental wellbeing, build resilience and work in supporting others. 
For February we ran a number of dietary, nutrition and physical wellbeing programmes. 
And for March we launched programmes around mindfulness, self-fulfilment and creativity. 
We kept the programme live through both spontaneous and planned events across a quarterly calendar with good things happening every day. Not everyone got involved in everything of course, we wanted to make them want to do it not bring on the ‘forced fun’ approach and did this by ensuring there really was something for everyone, whoever you were and wherever you were in Aldermore. 

As a statement of intent, it was powerful. Aldermore are an employer that cares for its staff, the whole person, in and out of work. On an individual level the feedback was hugely encouraging. People were better informed and better able to manage their emotional and physical wellbeing, enjoyed the learning process and the doing element with their colleagues.

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