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Infinis Race Around the World

How could we engage and motivate every member of staff from both the Head Office support functions to the numerous Engineers working remotely on site at the Infinis Annual conference? More importantly, how could we ensure they understood both the business plan and their part in delivering it – and make some memories along the way? Above all we wanted all employees to embrace the possibilities and the journey of change – and to see that the ‘how’ they would succeed would be in living the Infinis company values.


We developed a game for all employees to play in Teams of eight on the day at the conference. ‘Around the World in 80 minutes’ challenged them to circumnavigate the globe (embrace the journey) travelling through a number of cities to gain passport stamps along the way. They needed to agree strategy, plan their approach, assess potential obstacles and share responsibilities across the team – in the same way they would a project at work. To travel they needed to earn money and did this through a number of values based challenges. It was high octane stuff with plenty of energy, competition and a few laughs along the way. As with any journey of change there were some obstacles along the way to overcome and some unforeseen opportunities too. 
Infinis generate renewable energy. So the journey was not an end in itself it was a means to an end. The completion of the challenge bought each team an amount of time on watt bikes for them to generate energy. The more successful the global journey the more time your team had on the bike in the roof raising, crowd pleasing, energy generating, lung bursting finale. 

A brilliant afternoon. Memories made. A highly engaged workforce. One that understood the change needed and how to exercise it, taking the learnings back to their individual roles in the workplace.


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Suite of illustrations for the Infinis race around the world employee engagement work
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