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MAN Truck & Bus UK

MAN Truck & Bus UK ROI and Employer Branding

MAN Truck & Bus UK are part of the Volkswagen group selling and servicing commercial vehicles across the UK and employ around 850 staff in a mix of white and blue collar roles. The business had lost its market positioning, underinvested in the People agenda and needed remedial action in a number of areas. A new CEO and HRD came in to drive effective change and we were (and still are) delighted to support them.
Attrition was running at 20% and it was killing their business. In a technical engineering environment, the accepted operational and financial maximum for attrition is less than 10%, beyond that the effect on safety and customer service – and cost – is difficult to manage. MAN were also over reliant on 3rd party recruitment agencies resulting in an inconsistent recruitment process and, more worryingly, £’000s of unnecessary spend.

We set upon a programme to understand both the causes and effects of the current situation and to implement a new and better way of working to both slash agency spend and cut attrition to below 10%. And we wanted to ensure a legacy of improvement for the future. The commitment we made to the new CEO and HRD was that, not only could they realise significant financial gains in Year 1, but that they would benefit from the same savings in Years 2, 3 and beyond, as the improvements were permanent.

MAN had a great story to tell but simply weren’t telling it. We had to define and deliver it effectively. And we had to leverage the Employer Brand strategy to change many of the old ways of working which would increase the quality and decrease the cost of their recruitment and solve the attrition issues.
The process we implemented was as follows:

  • Firstly and most importantly to set objectives. What you don’t set you don’t achieve
  • Review of survey data, focus groups with employees in selected head office and regional locations and roles, one to ones with hiring managers and senior leaders
  • Review of existing internal comms and any engagement activity
  • Brand audit – looking at the messaging and consistency
  • Careers site audit
  • Review of recruitment efficiencies including CPH, TTH and success in role
  • Review of exit data
  • Review of attrition figures and trends
  • Review of Glassdoor/social media
  • And a review of competitor activity

This gave us a clear picture as to where the employer brand stood within the key audiences that mattered to MAN. Employer branding is a strategy that describes how an organisation markets its employment offer to existing and future talent.
‘...a set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform best in its culture.’
So, from the diagnostic we;

  • developed a new EVP and Employer Brand;
  • developed a new careers site, attraction toolkit and outstanding candidate experience;
  • provided ATS consultancy and helped implement the new partner;
  • developed a range of internal comms and engagement workstreams to build pride and purpose (and consistency) within and right across the organisation.

A strong team effort across both DNA and the key contacts within MAN has made a measurable and sustainable difference. The new CEO and HRD had the mandate to drive change. Within a year, agency spend is below £30k from over £600k. Critically, attrition is below 10%. And, in terms of the business performance overall, MAN UK have gone from the bottom of every market league table to the top – sales, customer service, NPS and more.

Image of the employee value proposition for MAN Truck & Bus UK
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Montage of images from the careers website for MAN Truck & Bus UK shown on mobile screens

“The DNA team have been fantastic – they have worked with us to overcome these challenges and shown great creativity in translating what our business is all about, into a brand that a wider audience can relate to. We’re incredibly proud of the work.”

Catherine Brown – HR Director

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Employer Brand Videos

We created two films to support the employer brand (Join the Pride). Watch the 'What makes you proud out of work' film.

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Image of a MAN Truck & Bus UK employee as part of a still frame from a video with text to image left

Employer Brand Videos

Here’s the second film we put together to showcase MAN’s employer brand (Join the Pride). This one highlights the thoughts of the team when they were asked 'What makes you proud at work?’.

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