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Pandora Social Ad Creator for a Global Talent Team

Pandora have a global talent team with members in different countries. All wanted to leverage the value of social media to recruit but they couldn’t do this in a consistent way. Many of the channels they wanted to use needed different size assets too. They needed a way of producing high quality, on brand social posts to use within their networks to find the very best candidates.

We built a social ad creator system with templates for their core social media channels: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Instagram. Talent users can log in and create adverts and download them in real time to upload to their own social platforms or the company channels. Each advert can be downloaded at the correct size for their full range of social channels. The adverts can be customised with the following:

  • Choice of images from a brand library
  • Job title
  • Location 
  • Salary
  • Contract type
  • Ad text
  • Call to action

As such, each advert is unique and bespoke to the requirements of the recruiter, whilst being on brand.

The ad creator means Pandora’s talent team can create high quality, on brand adverts to use on their social channels in as little as one minute. The templates offer flexibility but within agreed brand guidelines, so they are always consistent but fit for purpose. They can now post jobs and leverage their networks within minutes of receiving a requisition. 

Example of an advert created by the Pandora social ad creator
Montage of examples of adverts created by the Pandora social ad creator
Screenshot from the guide to using the Pandora social ad creator

Social recruiting

We developed a social ad creator that takes the time and headache out of creating cohesive and striking social adverts for your brand. Find out more about Social Recruiting.

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