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Opus Social Campaign

After creating the branding for Opus and the associated sub-brands, we were tasked with coming up with an online campaign that would sit across all areas of their social channels. The challenge was to address the misperception that is commonly associated with recruitment consultancies. Our campaign was to focus on how different they were when it came to their approach and their attitude. 
We presented three possible campaigns for them to choose one to take forward across the social platforms. 

After presenting the three possible campaigns, it was decided to run all of them. For one of the campaigns we used their people imagery that we’d created at a bespoke photoshoot and the two other campaigns followed a typographic style. Each campaign reflected their personality and cleverly repositioned them as, quite literally, different.

A complete range of messaging that addressed specific matters and could be run as either a single campaign or all of campaigns at the same time. Each was visually different but all were a true reflection of the Opus brand. The campaigns were successful in increasing their brand awareness.

Image of a social campaign copywriting for the Opus Social campaign
Montage of images for social use for Opus social campaign
Image of a banner images used for the Opus social campaign
Montage of banner images used for the Opus social campaign

“The DNA team’s success is due to them truly understanding our business and strategic objectives which therefore enables them to consistently deliver bold, authentic and highly commercial campaigns.”

Alex Crass – Marketing Director

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