Superdry's new employer brand - 'Get Ready For Everything'


Superdry EVP and Employer Brand Development

Superdry’s mission was, and still is, “To inspire and engage the contemporary style-obsessed consumer whilst leaving a positive environmental legacy.” To achieve this, the returning founder and CEO focused on ‘resetting’ and aligning the brand against its customer segments. For any performance shift, an element of people shift is needed. To underpin their business goals, they needed to articulate their employer brand in the target markets and talent communities that matter. Failure to do so could affect their ability to retain and engage the talent needed to take them forward. As a well-known brand, we needed to ensure any proposition was truly authentic and representative of the business now and where they wanted to be in future.  

To understand the business and its aspirations, we embarked on a programme of discovery. From reviewing global employee survey results and external feedback sites to holding stakeholder one-to-ones with employees across countries, we also worked with the HRD on developing a Culture Playbook which articulates what Superdry needs and wants their people to be (but that’s another story). Through the programme of discovery, we understood what was authentically Superdry and their differences from other brands. We could then develop the uniqueness that brings their people to work every day and attracts future talent.  

From the diagnostics, we have developed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand. Running in conjunction with this project was the design and build of a new careers site, which was the first external articulation of the new brand, closely followed by in-store collateral and integration of our ‘social ad creator’ tool, which allows Superdry to create social assets which are entirely on-brand, at a click of a couple of buttons. 

Superdry's new EVP
Superdry's careers site on a mobile phone screen
Superdry's new employer brand
Superdry culture playbook

Culture Playbook

We also developed an engaging Culture Playbook which articulates what Superdry needs and wants their people to be. No matter who you are or where you are in Superdry, you’re now able to thoroughly understand the culture and its roots. 

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Superdry social advert creator log on page on a phone screen

Social Ad Creator

After developing a fresh EVP, Employer Brand and careers site, we then integrated our bespoke Social Ad Creator tool, allowing Superdry to create social assets which are consistent, on-brand and correct-spec every time.

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Careers Website

Having defined the employer brand we set to work scoping, designing and building a new careers site. The site is audience focused and designed to engage users with the content they need to understand the Superdry employer brand. 

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