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November 7

Preparing for 2018. How much of your Marketing budget do you spend on your existing staff?

  Defining your employee value proposition, and executing it through a compelling and coherent employer brand will do wonders for the profile of your HR Department and the metrics by which success is measured. We’ve saved clie...

October 12

Preparing for 2018 – 4 essential changes required in your digital attraction NOW!

2018 is going to be a game changer in how you are able to attract the staff you need. You can develop a great employer brand but you will be unable to present it to your target audience if you’re not aware of some of these critica...

October 3

Planning for 2018 - repositioning and repurposing your HR Department

I was talking to a client last week about the ROI they could expect from defining and implementing their EVP before the end of 2017. We kicked around the usual suspects of reduced cost and time to hire, success in role and the critical elements...

July 19

The top 10 mistakes companies make when defining their Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

It’s a hot topic at the moment and seems to be on many HR professionals to-do-list this year. However simple the process may look on the outside it can be fraught with danger. We’ve been in the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and E...

July 12

Defining your Employee Value Proposition – why do it?

I had a meeting with the FD of a new client recently. He harrumphed and said ‘Bloody HR, always finding ways to keep themselves busy, what is it they want to spend my money on now?’. We then had ...

July 4

Age in the workplace is the new diversity - problems and opportunities for society and employers alike

This is a transformational time in the workplace and no more so than in the likelihood of a 5 or 6 generation workforce. Everyone talks about the millennials and generation Z, seemingly ignoring the potential offered by older workers. Indeed, s...

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