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July 4

Age in the workplace is the new diversity - problems and opportunities for society and employers alike

This is a transformational time in the workplace and no more so than in the likelihood of a 5 or 6 generation workforce. Everyone talks about the millennials and generation Z, seemingly ignoring the potential offered by older workers. Indeed, s...

June 9

We’re looking for an Account Executive

So the lovely Izzi has gone off for a spot of travelling, ahead of a move to the north, so we’re looking for a new Account Executive to join our Bristol team. Interested?

April 26

There's no smoke without fire

“Wow! Just had another candidate cancel an onsite interview based on a Glassdoor review. Pulling out of an interview based on a Glassdoor review is the equivalent to making a critical life decision based on what a Kardashian said...ra...

April 24

What's your staff retention model?

We’ve just changed our IT outsourcing partner. I know that’s a really dull sentence with which to start a blog but please bear with me.

April 21

Question of the Week: Books

This week I thought it would be nice to give the team a chance to show off their literary prowess. Great news for you lucky people – now you can eat biscuits like us

April 19

How does your candidate experience effect your external facing brand?

A good customer service experience feels great. Even if you are resolving an issue, a complaint treated in the right way can leave you feeling truly valued and more of a brand advocate than before. It’s common sense that bad customer serv...

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