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April 10

How to make someone fall in love with you

“Shake your hips and hope for the best”  Thanks to Camille, aged 9, and a greetings card compan...

April 7

Question of the Week: BISCUITS

The DNA biscuit tin is famous, at least round these parts. Obviously, we can’t divulge the exact formula for filling such a superior biscuit tin (it’s top secret) but is loosely based around the Kit Kat Chunky and whatever is on off...

April 5

The Ultimate DNA Guide to Mobile Recruitment

Optimising your mobile candidate experience If you’ve worked in recruitment communications for as long as I have, you probably can’t remember a year since 2007 when mob...

April 3

How media planning can save you money

All too often we have conversations with new clients where we discuss how short on time they are and how difficult it can be to make space to review strategy or make fundamental changes to approach. This is often the case when reviewing recruit...

March 31

Question of the Week: dream holidays

Sticking with the desert island theme, I asked the team a slightly less arduous question this week. Kerrie:

March 28

Why a referral scheme should be an integral part of your recruitment strategy

When it comes to recruitment, referral schemes are nothing new. They’ve long been an inexpensive way of engaging your current workforce better while finding relevant new talent. With social networks growing online, and the market becoming...

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