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December 14

Three common HR problems and how to solve them

It’s business planning time for many employers and we thought it might be useful to share some of the recent conversations we’ve had with our clients to perhaps help inform your ow...

December 12

Say ‘goodbye’ to Big Data and ‘hello’ to Big Design

‘Big Data’ is one of those buzzwords that has been circulating for a few years now. It’s quite scary. BIG DATA. Businesses have focused so much attention into collecting it - as much as possible - and housing it in their datab...

December 5

Harness data to amplify your social media strategy

I’m still reeling from the buzz of Social Media Week that the fabulous Bristol Media crew hosted here in Bristol. I was fortunate enough to take in a couple of talks and now that the dust has settled, I’m thinking about ways that I ...

November 28

A week in the life of... a DNA Account Executive

This week we’re continuing our ‘Week in the life of…’ series with…me! My name is Izzi and I’m DNA’s very own Account Executive. I studied Politics a...

November 24

Social Media Week 2016

From November 14th-16th the DNA team made the most of Bristol Media’s fantastic Social Media Week, attending a range of talks and learning stacks of new things. Between us, Sam, Betty and I went to several different ...

November 21

A week in the life of... a DNA Account Manager

This week we’re continuing our ‘Week in the life of…’ series with Sam. Sam joined DNA as an Account Executive in May 2015, only to be promoted to an Account Manager a mind-boggling fast 11 months later. Here she shares ...

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